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Latest Packaging News InOff Newsletter March 2024

InOff Plastic Newsletter logo for March 2024, featuring ocean plastic waste imagery.

March 2024

It is a pleasure to publish InOff Plastic' first Linkedin newsletter. It aims at providing you the latest news in terms of deplastification challenges and opportunities.

Happy reading!

Webinar on Policy Updates on PPWR by Planet Reuse, featuring Ulysse Revat-Dontenwill, on March 20, 2024.

After lengthy negotiations, a provisional political agreement was reached on March 4, 2024 between the Parliament and the Council on the PPWR. Join Planet Reuse's webinar to learn about PPWR's latest updates in terms of reuse targets, refill obligations and sustainability requirements, restrictions on certain packaging formats, and deposit return systems (DRS).


This year's Paris Packaging Week showcased record-breaking attendance and optimism in the packaging industry, with a strong focus on sustainability. Innovations highlighted include advancements in eco-friendly packaging and materials aimed at replacing plastic, underscoring the industry's shift towards more sustainable practices.

Good news concerning the PPWR: it will allow for countries like France that have already set up higher reuse objectives to maintain their level of ambition! This legislation marks a pivotal moment especially as the PPWR might end up being disapointing in terms of reuse targets. Learn more on this topic by watching Planet Reuse's webinar presented above!

Surveys reveal a complex view on sustainable packaging: 82% of consumers, especially Gen Z, are willing to pay more for it, showing a rising trend in environmental consciousness. Yet, McKinsey highlights that traditional factors like price still dominate purchasing decisions, despite a growing openness to eco-friendly options. This duality suggests a critical need for educating consumers on sustainable practices.

Neutrogena introduces refillable packaging for its Hydro Boost Water Gel. This packaging highlights Neutrogena's commitment to environmental responsibility, with an 89% reduction in plastic associated with the product.


March will be a busy month for packaging events, spanning worldwide and ranging from various webinars to expos! Keep your calendars open. Here are a few highlights, click on the logos for more information.

Logo of The EuroPack Summit 2024 by Marcus Evans in Montreux, Switzerland, March 2024

Montreux, Switzerland. 11-12 March 2024

The EuroPack Summit 2024 is an exclusive event designed for top packaging executives in the FMCG sector, focusing on addressing key challenges, market trends, and innovative strategies through a curated blend of content from industry leaders and pioneering solution providers.

The logo for Pack EXPO East in Philadelphia, USA, March 2024

Philedalphia, USA. 18-20 March 2024

PACK EXPO East offers an unparalleled opportunity for East Coast professionals to discover the latest in packaging and processing innovations, engage with suppliers, and gain practical insights through live demonstrations and expert discussions, all within a convenient and cost-effective setting.

The logo for The Packaging Waste & Sustainability Forum in Brussels, Belgium, March 2024

Brussels, Belgium. 19-21 March 2024

The Packaging Waste & Sustainability Forum in Brussels, from March 19th to 21st, marks its 31st anniversary focusing on new regulations and industry feedback. It offers crucial discussions on regulatory changes, sustainability, and innovation in packaging waste reduction, serving as a prime networking event for professionals and policymakers.

The logo for The Packaging Innovation Conference in Berlin, Germany, March 2024

Berlin, Germany. 21-22 March 2024

The Packaging Innovation Conference is a premier event showcasing the latest in packaging technology, sustainable practices, and design advancements, aiming to revolutionize industry standards and enhance product integrity and consumer experience.

The logo for The ChangeNOW Summit in Paris, France, March 2024

Paris, France. 25-27 March 2024

The ChangeNOW Summit is a dynamic three-day event that unites innovative solutions and influential changemakers to address the planet’s major challenges, fostering collaboration among key actors of change in an inspiring, action-driven setting.

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