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Internship offer : Junior consultant: 4 to 6 months internship

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

InOff Plastic is looking for someone curious and interested in supporting InOff Plastic in carrying out its consThe position is a paid internship and can be started anytime in the year. This internship will be done remotely and with ad-hoc meetings in Paris.ulting missions and its development.

Why do we need you?

We need you to :

  • support us in carrying out our consulting missions:

    • create benchmarks on existing upstream solutions (initiatives aimed at reducing and eliminating single-use plastic packaging at its source through product or model redesign: selling products without packaging, through reuse and refill models, or in single-use non plastic packaging) all over the world and in sectors as varied as food & beverages, cosmetics, hospitality and retail,

    • based on the conclusions of these benchmarks, advise our clients on the types of projects to design and how to implement them.

  • support us in studying ad-hoc topics and communicating about our projects and conclusions:

    • research and structure information from different sources (e.g. articles, reports, interviews) to address ad-hoc topics that have been raised internally or by our clients (e.g. Do monetary deposit schemes encourage high return rates of reusable packaging? Is compostable packaging a relevant solution to replace non-recyclable plastic packaging?).

What will you learn?

This position will allow you to:

  • develop a very detailed knowledge of the challenges faced by companies in relation to the use of single-use packaging. With this knowledge, you will be able to take a step back and develop a critical mind when it comes to analyzing and understanding companies’ positioning on this topic.

  • better understand the consulting world and how it works. You will gain expertise in structuring and developing arguments to provide structured answers to complex issues.

InOff Plastic’s value proposition

To answer to changing legislation, growing consumer demand and corporates’ commitments,

we accelerate the transition of food & beverage, retail, hospitality and cosmetic firms towards the use of upstream solutions.

Thanks to our international expertise acquired over the past 3 years and to the work we have done with more than twenty 20 satisfied clients, we offer concrete actions meeting three objectives:

1. Understand the issues related to their packaging and define a scope of action.

We develop concrete and turnkey digital tools that allow companies to:

  • deepen their knowledge on their packaging’s stakes and opportunities,

  • increase the commitment of their teams on this topic,

  • to define a scope of action (e.g. packaging diagnosis, action plan),

  • by identifying the best practices and solutions in the sectors concerned that meet their product requirements: e.g. reuse models like Berny and Circolution and single-use plastic-free packaging like Zume and Mushroom Packaging.

PlaNet Reuse[5]is one of these tools, that allows our customers to find all the relevant information on the different aspects of the reuse value chain.

2. Select the most relevant solutions for their activity.

This is the core of our expertise. We provide concrete and innovative answers to our customers by supporting them to adapt the solutions they have selected as being the most relevant for their activity:

· by conducting studies on the environmental and economic viability of the solutions identified,

· by identifying the partners to be involved in the solutions (e.g. supplier of packaging, washing, deposit).

For instance, we enabled the Hôtel Dieu Intercontinental Marseille to replace 18 of its single-use plastic products and packaging with cost-effective alternatives that have a positive environmental impact.

3. Deploy the solutions and promote its replication.

To achieve this third objective, we support the operational deployment of the solutions designed by training employees and informing consumers about the new protocols and experience, and by supporting the company in the transition (project management).

For example, we supported Système U in deploying a reuse loop with several local producers (wine, cider, beer) distributed in two of its retail stores and studying the feedback of its employees and customers to improve the loop deployed and ensure its sustainability.

A bit of background about InOff Plastic

InOff Plastic is a consulting firm created in November 2019 by Manon Sennechael and François Chartier-Kastler. We stand out for our flexibility and our international openness. Our first contract took us to work in Bali, Indonesia and though the COVID-19 situation brought us back physically in France we continue to work with clients worldwide (US, Europe, South East Asia). We are currently based in Bayonne and Paris.

We are counting on you to continue to grow our activity and our impact! The candidate will be directly managed by one of the two co-founders.

Can it be you?

We are looking for someone:

  • curious and dynamic,

  • agile with research and who is structured in the analysis and synthesis of data,

  • with a great sensitivity to social and environmental issues and especially to plastic pollution.

The candidate ideally follows a bac+5 higher education within a university, a major engineering or business school and is currently at the end of a license, master 1 or 2. A first experience in consulting and/or with technical knowledge of packaging is a plus. English and French being used interchangeably: having a very good command of English is necessary, and a very good command of both languages is a plus.

The candidate must also:

  • be able to be autonomous quickly and take initiative,

  • have a sense of organization,

  • be precise and rigorous.


The position is a paid internship and can be started anytime in the year. This internship will be done remotely and with ad-hoc meetings in Paris.

If this position interests you and you want to join InOff Plastic, send us your application (CV and cover letter) to You can also send us an unsolicited application if you want to join InOff Plastic for another position or on other dates.

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