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Latest Packaging News InOff Newsletter April 2024

InOff Plastic Newsletter logo for April 2024, featuring ocean plastic waste imagery.

April 2024

In this edition, dive into the latest developments in the packaging industry, including an in-depth look at our own insights on Ocean Plastic. Discover a curated selection of the most compelling articles from the past month, and get a rundown of not-to-miss events coming up in the packaging world.

Happy reading!


Our article explaining the intricacies of ocean plastic cleanup efforts, and alternative solutions

Plastic debris scattered among rocks on a beach, highlighting the challenges of ocean plastic cleanup discussed in our article.
The cheapest and most effective way to tackle marine plastic waste is to reduce single-use plastic production.

Marine plastic waste is constantly increasing. In 2025, the weight of plastic in the ocean could exceed that of fish. Plastic waste affects biodiversity, climate and human health. In recent years, many projects have been launched to collect marine plastic waste. However, it should be highlighted that these projects are far from being the only solution to effectively combat marine pollution. They are extremely expensive and the tonnages they collect are insignificant compared to the flow of plastic entering the ocean. Reducing plastic production itself is the most effective and least expensive solution to combat marine plastic pollution!


The Refillable & Reusable Packaging Compendium Volume 3 has just been launched! It offers a detailed exploration of current refill and reuse packaging innovations and trends. Building on the success of its predecessors, this latest volume provides expert guidance for navigating and capitalizing on sustainable market opportunities.

The provisional agreement on the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation sparks mixed reactions from the packaging industry, hailed for its bold stance against 'forever chemicals' but critiqued for its leniency on reuse targets and single-use paper packaging. This pivotal legislation underscores the EU's commitment to reducing plastic pollution, yet industry voices call for more robust action to truly advance circular economy goals. Last week, New ERA & Planet Reuse have organized a great webinar digging into the latest updated on the PPWR. Check it out the minutes and the replay of the webinar by registering on Planet Reuse!

The "Convenient Instead of Complicated" project offers an innovative approach to increase reusable packaging use by simplifying returns at office receptions, demonstrating the powerful impact of straightforward, consumer-friendly solutions on promoting sustainability.

In a series examining reuse and refill systems globally and the barriers to their expansion, the latest article focuses on ‘The Reuse Outcomes Fund’ by rePurpose. This groundbreaking fund seeks to support pilot projects in the reuse arena and share effective approaches, signifying a pivotal move toward scaling packaging reuse and refill systems around the world.

Following Paris Packaging Week's success, PACK EXPO East in Philadelphia sets a new attendance record, underscoring the industry's vibrant growth. With highlights including cutting-edge educational sessions and the Reusable Packaging Pavilion, this event showcases a continued commitment to innovation and sustainability, reflecting the dynamic progress seen across global packaging forums.

Cellulose fibres are emerging as a sustainable option for wrapping everything from foods to electronics. In a significant move, Carrefour and U-Group are testing cellulose fibre packaging across Belgium, France, and Luxembourg. This initiative, part of the R3PACK project, aims to shift a substantial portion of plastic packaging to fibre-based alternatives, marking a pivotal step towards sustainability in consumer-goods packaging.

DS Smith is revolutionizing seafood packaging with its new DryPack solution, a sustainable alternative to traditional EPS foam boxes. Fully recyclable and designed to maintain optimal freshness, DryPack demonstrates DS Smith's commitment to eco-friendly innovation in the packaging industry.


April brings exciting international events, mainly in Europe. From expos to conferences, keep your calendars open. Here are a few highlights, click on the logos for more information.

The logo of SPC Impact in New Orleans, USA, April 2024

New Orleans, USA 2-4 April 2024

SPC Impact, the flagship event of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, concentrates on the interplay between carbon emissions and packaging, promoting reduction through strategic sourcing, material choice, and circular infrastructure. It brings together over 800 industry professionals for a shared learning experience.

The logo of EMPACK in Gorinchem, Netherlands, April 2024

Gorinchem, Netherlands. 9-11 April 2024

Empack stands out as the largest packaging event in the Benelux, showcasing an extensive range from filling machines to label technology and materials. Beyond a traditional trade show, Empack also offers unique opportunities to enhance your company's industry presence.

The logo for Pulp & Beyond in Helsinki, Finland, April 2024

Helsinki, Finland 9-12 April 2024

Pulp & Beyond stands as the leading forum for forest-based bioeconomy innovations, providing an extensive showcase of sustainable solutions, trends, and new products. This event fosters new encounters, inspiration, and business opportunities, promoting learning, branding, and competency development within the bioeconomy sector.

The logo of Pick&Pack for Food Industry in Bilbao, Spain, April 2024

Bilbao, Spain 16-18 April 2024

Pick&Pack for Food Industry, brings together the national congress on packaging, Congreso Nacional de Packaging 4.0, and the European Logistics Summit 2024, highlighting the transformative shift towards automation in logistics from the e-commerce surge. This unique combination of events invites over 6,000 professionals to explore cutting-edge innovations and solutions that bolster competitiveness and productivity, celebrating advancements in both packaging and logistics.

The logo of The 2nd Europe Green Packaging Innovation Summit 2024 in Frankfurt, Germany, April 2024

Frankfurt, Germany 24-25 April 2024

The 2nd Europe Green Packaging Innovation Summit 2024 underscores the existential threats of climate change and environmental degradation, aiming to pivot the EU towards a modern, resource-efficient, and competitive economy with a focus on green packaging's role in this transition. The conference will delve into the complexities of integrating business, regulation, and societal needs within a circular, net zero packaging ecosystem, offering strategies and insights to navigate the opportunities and challenges in evolving the packaging landscape towards sustainability.

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