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Latest Packaging News InOff Newsletter June 2024

InOff Plastic Newsletter logo for June 2024, featuring ocean plastic waste imagery.

June 2024

June's newsletter arrives as we wrap up an exceptionally busy and fruitful May at InOff Plastic. This past month not only showcased significant industry advancements but also featured our proud involvement in the release of the European Reuse Barometer. As we move forward and reflect on May's inspiring events and breakthroughs, we are eager to embrace the exciting opportunities and events that June has in store. Dive into this edition for the latest trends and innovative solutions defining our industry.

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Unveiling the first ever European Reuse Barometer

Cover image for the inaugural European Reuse Barometer, a 2024 assessment of reusable packaging in Europe, available for download.

Get ready to dive deep into the world of reuse with the launch of the first-ever European Reuse Barometer this Thursday, June 6th! Spearheaded by InOff Plastic in collaboration with New ERA, Zero Waste Europe, and Planet Reuse, this comprehensive report evaluates the economic, environmental, and social impacts of 90 reusable packaging solutions across Europe. Designed to guide and inform stakeholders throughout the reusable packaging industry, this barometer is a crucial tool for making informed decisions towards more sustainable practices. Don't miss this pivotal resource—register on our website to receive it by email on June 6th and keep an eye out for our detailed post coming this Thursday!


Explore the leaders of sustainability at the Reusies Awards, highlighting innovations in reuse across sectors like food and beverage, consumer goods, and fashion. Discover the award-winning initiatives from companies like Kadeya, Cabinet Health, and Coblrshop that are reshaping our approach to a circular economy. Click to read more about these trailblazers.

Global giants Unilever and Colgate-Palmolive face challenges in meeting their sustainability targets, as detailed in recent reports. Unilever admits to shortcomings in reducing virgin plastic use and enhancing recyclability, with updated goals reflecting these struggles. Meanwhile, Colgate-Palmolive also signals that it may not meet its 2025 targets for making all packaging recyclable, reusable, or compostable. These revelations highlight the complexities of implementing ambitious environmental goals and underscore the necessity for collaborative efforts across the industry. Dive deeper into each company's sustainability challenges and their plans for moving forward by reading their individual articles on Unilever and on Colgate-Palmolive.

Significant Plastic Polluters Identified: A recent study published in Science Advances reveals that just five companies, including Coca-Cola and Nestlé, produce nearly a quarter of all identifiable plastic waste globally. This study, conducted with the help of over 100,000 volunteers worldwide, underscores the substantial impact of certain corporations on plastic pollution. The findings highlight the need for major producers to rethink their packaging strategies and focus on genuine sustainability efforts. Discover more about the companies and the proposed solutions by reading the summary piece in Sierra and, for the curious, here's the full article by Win Cowger et al., 2024 in Science Advances.

Amcor and AVON Launch Sustainable Refill Pouch in China: Amcor collaborates with AVON to launch the AmPrima™ Plus refill pouch, reducing the carbon footprint of AVON's Little Black Dress shower gels by 83%. This new packaging aligns with AVON's goal for all packaging to be sustainable by 2030. Designed for recycling, the pouch enhances consumer convenience while promoting environmental sustainability. Discover more about this initiative click to read more.


June promises to be an eventful month in the packaging world, as the Sustainability in Packaging series by Smithers continues its global tour, hitting Asia and Latin America. From online webinars to international expos, the calendar is bustling with opportunities to engage with industry leaders and innovations. Keep your calendars open and click on the logos for more details about each event!

The logo of Sustainability in Packaging Asia 2024 by Smithers, in Singapore, Singapore and Online, June 2024

Singapore, Singapore & Online 4-5 June 2024

Smithers' Sustainability in Packaging Asia 2024 brings together over 200 packaging professionals to explore actionable insights, collaborative case studies, and leading panel discussions. With over 40 expert speakers from companies like LUSH, PepsiCo, and Nestlé, the event offers a comprehensive view of sustainable packaging trends and innovations. Participants will have real-time networking opportunities to connect with industry leaders both virtually and in person.

The logo of EMPACK 2024 in Hamburg, Germany, June 2024

Hamburg, Germany, 12-13 June 2024

EMPACK 2024 in Hamburg positions itself as an essential trade show for the packaging industry in Northern Germany and BeNeLux. This two-day event focuses on quality interactions, showcasing primary and secondary packaging materials, filling technologies, and automated solutions. It's a stress-free, business-centric event that annually attracts companies and experts from the intralogistics industry.

The logo of ProPack Asia 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand, June 2024

Bangkok, Thailand, 12-15 June 2024

ProPack Asia 2024, themed "Empowering Sustainability Processing and Packaging Success," convenes stakeholders from across the food & beverage, agriculture, personal care, pharmaceuticals, and FMCG industries. The event offers a platform for sourcing cutting-edge materials and technologies, networking, and gaining insights into market trends. Join us in Bangkok to unlock business potential and stay at the forefront of the manufacturing industry.

The logo of Sustainability in Packaging Latin America by Smithers in Mexico City, Mexico, June 2024

Mexico City, Mexico, 27-28 June 2024

Returning for its 4th year, Sustainability in Packaging Latin America 2024 gathers the entire packaging supply chain in Mexico City. The event features insights from industry leaders such as Walmart De Mexico, Danone Mexico, and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Attendees will engage in discussions on regulatory updates, reuse and refill examples, alternative materials, and more, fostering collaboration and innovation in sustainable packaging.

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