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Toolkit for a plastic-free hospitality sector

As shared in a previous post, InOff Plastic supported the Intercontinental Marseille - Hotel Dieu in its single-use plastic free transition, in partnership with Beyond Plastic Med.

The toolkit brings together all the tools and feedback that hotels need to reduce their plastic footprint, capitalising on all the learnings of the Intercontinental Marseille - Hotel Dieu's pilot project.

This guide is intended for managers, for green and environmental specialists, for teams and their partners in the hospitality industry.

The toolkit offers hoteliers a six-step approach, from defining the starting point to measuring the impact of the solutions tested. It provides proven and easily adaptable tools, advice, and feedback, as well as examples of alternatives that allow hotels to benefit from InOff Plastic's expertise and its partners'.

To download the full toolkit, click here.


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