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The rEUse campaign

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

The rEUse campaign was launched during the Greenweek in Brussels to ask EU policymakers to give reuse the green light and unleash the full potential of reuse systems.

For the #EUGreenweek, Planet Reuse - Platform & Network for Reusable Packaging and New ERA - New European Reuse Alliance, have launched a #rEUse Campaign to shed light in the policy debate around reuse systems, currently being discussed in the proposed Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR).

As one of Planet Reuse's co-initiator, InOff Plastic was very much involved in making this campaign a reality. We led a deep literature review on the environmental, economic and social benefits of current reuse systems and current best practises in Europe, analysing more than 40+ scientific studies. All the conclusions are summarised in both of the following reports :

Did you know that 178 Kg is the amount of single-use packaging each European disposes of - every year. That is half a kilo every day, every one of us all over Europe. Moreover, 40% of plastics and 50% of paper used in the EU is destined for packaging, and most of it ends up sooner or later in waste, as it is far from being recycled at scale.

In the meantime, European business forerunners are rolling out reuse systems that -science tells us- contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, saving water and resources by circulating them in truly closed loops while enabling economic growth, potentially creating more than 600,000 new jobs.

We need to move #upstream in the value chain and complement current recycling efforts with prevention, reuse and refill to turn the idea of a circular economy for packaging into reality.

The campaign is composed of four key elements:

  • a video highlighting the key elements needed to transit towards a truly circular economy in packaging.

  • a comprehensive report divided in two parts: one theoretical covering independent scientific publications proving reusable packaging is more environmentally sound than single use, and one more practical, presenting business cases for various market segments where reuse is an alternative today.

  • four factsheets diving into the environmental and economic reasons why reuse targets are suitable for the takeaway, beverage, e-commerce and transport packaging sectors.

  • a repository of relevant scientific studies to which the report, case studies and factsheets are built upon.

👋🏻 We need your support to push for an ambitious EU policy that will unleash the potential of #rEUse systems! You can join the campaign with 3 very simple actions:

1️⃣ Watch our video, available in 5 languages, and share it on your social media accounts!

2️⃣ Share the campaign with organisations interested in #rEUse so they can spread the word and push for ambitious reuse targets.

3️⃣ Find and share all the resources, studies, and sectoral factsheets highlighting how beneficial #rEUse systems are from an environmental, economic and social perspective 📊 📃 📗 [👉🏻To be found on the new ERA's website - #rEUse campaign section]

Join the #rEUse campaign to push for an ambitious EU policy that will unleash the potential of #rEUse systems in Europe!


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