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The Reuse Coalition

The rate of #packaging waste recycling in the EU has stagnated since 2010, plus ~17% of all packaging is non-recyclable by #design. This stagnant recycling rate is despite many industry initiatives and policies on #recycling, and means that any improvements in recycling have merely been enough to compensate for the growth in packaging use, not any more than that.

♻️ The urgency of environmental challenges demands a radical shift in packaging practices. Europe can lead the global transition to a circular economy, with the #PPWR as a catalyst for embracing reuse.

🌟 A diverse coalition spanning across Europe, comprising both small and large businesses, municipalities, and NGOs, is uniting to advocate for an ambitious reuse policy within the framework of the EU Packaging Regulation (#PPWR). InOff Plastic is part of it and actively supports its objectives!

The #EU should seek to drive genuine #circular solutions. We urge European co-legislators to:

🏷 Establish rigorous criteria for labeling packaging as "reusable"

👮‍♂️ Enforce clear obligations across the entire #valuechain

🎯 Elevate ambitious #reuse targets

📜 Champion #transparency with reporting and adaptable review mechanisms

💯 Embrace #refill solutions as potent waste-prevention measures

📢 Establish clear definitions for reuse models

The shift towards reuse is not only driven by undeniable environmental goals but also by economic realities for EU citizens:

📈 By 2030, it is projected to generate approximately 600,000 net #jobs in the EU economy

💰 Exerting a deflationary influence on the cost of consumer goods

Read and share the coalition's position paper & demands >


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