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PlaNet Reuse is now live!

Planet Reuse, the first European platform and network dedicated to reusable packaging, is now live and more than ever growing! Since its launch in September 2022, Planet Reuse has already attracted 340+ members and displayed more than 60+ reuse solutions across Europe.


InOff Plastic, along with key partners including the Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging (KIDV) and Stiftung Initiative Mehrweg, initiated PlaNet Reuse with the strong vision of accelerating the transition from linear to circular packaging systems in European countries, thereby avoiding packaging becoming waste in the first place. Planet Reuse is bringing together professionals of all kinds - FMCG brand owners and retailers, reuse system operators, packaging and machine suppliers, cities & municipalities, governmental bodies, NGOs, academia, etc. - to connect, learn and collaborate on the topic of reuse and reusable packaging solutions. The digital includes a database with supplies and services around reuse, a knowledge space, an event section, working groups, and more.


👇 Check out PlaNet Reuse's official video! 👇

Its emphasis in 2023 is on expanding the community, embarking additional strategic partners alongside Zero Waste Europe and Afvalfonds Verpakkingen (Dutch Packaging Waste Fund) and creating a useful space where professionals regularly meet and interact, find the latest news and solutions around reusable packaging, and collaborate on topics such as standardization and physical and digital reverse logistics infrastructure for reusables.


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