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Pack Eko training session on reusable packaging

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Pack Eco’s packaging training is composed of 7 modules, addressing the main pillars of the packaging life cycle, as described below:

During a two-hour session, InOff Plastic shared its analysis of the stakes and opportunities of reusable packaging companies face today:

1. Reminder of the current pollution context

  • A state of the art of plastic pollution today

  • Increasing pressure coming from the legislative side

  • Corporate landscape in constant evolution

  • The main stakes faced by companies

2. Sharing a vision of the current ecosystem vision

  • What is reuse?

  • Mapping of the key actors

  • Main opportunities and stakes of reuse

3. Supporting corporates

  • How to effectively adopt reusable packaging within your company?

4. Providing additional ressources to further explore the topic

At the end of the training, companies have strengthened their knowledge of reusable packaging, obtained specific answers to their questions and stakes, and acquired a global vision of the current reuse industry.


>> Do not miss the upcoming training session <<

If you wish to better understand the current reuse ecosystem and learn about the current stakes of reusable packaging, join the upcoming session on November 16th 2023, from 10am to 12am by contacting us!


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