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New ERA's General Assembly - October 11-12th, 2023

Manon Sennechael joined New ERA’s General Assembly meeting for 2 days in Munich, with many active members in the reuse field on the European landscape! New ERA is getting stronger and highly represents the voice of the reuse industry at policy level.

Manon Sennéchael and Nicole Seyring (Planet Reuse team) with Fernando Rodriguez-Mata, New ERA’s General Director

💡 These two-days were rich of insightful learnings!

📌 The first day showcased the state of the current situation on PPWR’s front: the latest targets under discussion at Parliament and Council, the timeline left for last mile efforts, the actions that should be led in the final weeks…

🗣 We also discussed very concrete action points on how to best:

  • Be the voice of reuse

  • Influence legislative, infrastructure, and financial developments to accomplish our objectives and make our vision come true

  • Raise awareness on well-designed reuse systems

  • Foster collaboration in the reuse packaging community

Manon running the workshop“Fostering collaboration in the reuse packaging community”

The second day, many ongoing reuse initiatives, projects and tools were presented, such as:

  • The Circular City Labs program run by GIZ to support the set up of local reusable packaging systems in cities in Albania, Colombia, Georgia among others and presented by Elena Rabbow,

  • The reuse pilot “Return Anywhere” led by ReFrastructure in collaboration with the municipality of Haar presented by Tilmann Waltz and Eckhard von Munchow,

  • The Food Packaging Forum’s Understanding Packaging Scorecard to make responsible food packaging choices presented by Etienne Cabane.

♻️ Manon presented the work InOff Plastic is leading with New ERA and Zero Waste Europe on the European Reuse Barometer.

👉🏼 We also heard from Tobias Bielenstein from @GDB/Arbeitskreis Merhweg and Henriette Schneider from Pro Mehrweg about their recommendations to improve the current PPWR’s Annex VI text currently under discussion at the Parliament and Council, towards a more flexible, sustainable and efficient framework.

The day finished by:

  1. A reuse rally in Munich to discover the different reuse systems in play, among which Recup’s and Revolvo’s reusable packaging services. Thanks @Nicole and @Lissy for the organization!

  2. A panel discussion on “How can reuse tidy up the packaging waste muddle in municipalities?’, addressing:

    • How to motivate users, retailers, and HoReCa businesses

    • Which kind of regulation is helpful?

    • Does a tax on single-use packages help?

    • What is the role of system providers?

    • Which kind of infrastructure do we need?

Led by Eckhard von Münchow and featuring Julia Post, Munich City Council member, Frederike von Loeper, project lead at Project Together, Salihe Koncici, coordinator at Circular Economy Coordination Office of Munich City and Pamela Flores, project Manager at Mehrweg MUC.

Panel discussion in the town hall of Munich


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