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InOff Plastic is a Blue Standard Consultant!

We’re thrilled to announce that InOff Plastic is now an independent and trained Consultant to’s Blue Standard!

“Oceanic Global is proud to add InOff Plastic to our Blue Consultant Network, guiding businesses to pioneer sustainable best practices in their sector and achieving universal accountability for responsible consumption. The progress we accomplish through the Blue Standard is made possible through our community driving impact in their direct spheres and working collectively on a global scale.”

- Wunmi Osholake (Blue Standard Director, Oceanic Global)

Oceanic Global’s Blue Standard is a first-of-its-kind cross-industry standard that creates universal accountability & helps businesses and industries reduce single-use plastics, improve the sustainability of their operations, and achieve a measurable impact that protects our blue planet. Its three-star verification system was built together with Oceanic Global’s Scientific Advisory Board to transition businesses away from environmentally detrimental products and processes, unify the global movement around responsible consumption, and make it easy, cost efficient, and effective to eliminate single-use plastic and adopt sustainable operating practices at scale.

Becoming Blue Verified means taking responsibility for our shared planet and all it sustains. As an independent and trained consultant for Oceanic Global’s Blue Standard, InOff Plastic works with cross-sector clients on the implementation of the Blue Standard, mainly via conducting assessments on their sustainability initiatives and by walking clients through the required documentation for Blue Verification. Blue Standard consultants must complete a training program and undergo an evaluation with Oceanic Global.

We’re excited to be part of the solution in helping guide businesses and industries towards a more sustainable future!

Learn more about’s Blue Standard at


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