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Global Database of reuse, refill and alternative packaging solutions

#MondayNews : You can now access an extract of InOff Plastic’s global #database presenting reuse, refill & alternative packaging solutions on our website.

👉🏼 Feel free to go on our website and check it out:

➰ For the past 3 years, we have been developing our international expertise in the #reuse, #refill and single-use plastic #alternatives spaces.

📝 During this period, we have aggregated, in a database, more than 1,600 reuse and alternative #packaging solutions worldwide.

🎯 We hold at heart to understand the implications of these #solutions in terms of transportation, cleaning, tracking and deposit scheme functioning and to identify the key stakeholders involved in each of these dimensions . Through our consulting services, we use this database to identify the specific solutions which meet our clients' needs, or which logistical, financial and environmental stakes are the same as our clients’.

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