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European reusable packaging landscape.


Why do we need reusable packaging?

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Now, more than ever, addressing the single-use packaging crisis is paramount in Europe due to alarming pollution levels. The exponential growth of single-use packaging production contributes to environmental degradation, emphasising the urgent need for sustainable alternatives.


It is no longer a secret: reusable packaging systems emerge as the most efficient solution to halve this pollution! The Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation is underway and reusable packaging will make reuse a mandatory solution.


But the reuse industry is in a transitional phase: struggling to evolve from pilot projects to scalable businesses.


One of the main roadblocks is the lack of available information on the economic viability of existing reuse solutions and systems, impeding producers to make the switch, investors to financially support the transition and policymakers to set ambitious yet realistic targets.


For this industry to further and scale, it is essential to shed light on the challenges and opportunities offered by reusable packaging!

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There is an urgent need to accelerate the development, scaling and widespread adoption of reusable packaging throughout Europe.



To do so, the European Reuse Barometer aims at supporting all stakeholders in their reuse transition: reusable packaging solutions aiming to grow and scale, producers willing to make the shift to reusable packaging, investors looking to support this industry, and policymakers shaping supportive regulations.



The barometer collects and assesses the economic, environmental, and social impacts of reusable packaging solutions in Europe. Conducted annually, it reflects the stage of development of the reusable packaging industry while tracking its growth and informing its evolution. It also sheds light on the industry's best practices and key challenges.



By bringing these insights to the forefront, the barometer addresses the reusable packaging industry’s current data gap, providing stakeholders with the resources to make enlighten decisions in bringing the European reusable packaging industry forward.

Enabling PRODUCERS selling goods in single-use packaging to SHIFT TO reusable packaging

unleashing the reuse barometer's FIRST EDITION

This inaugural edition of the barometer initiates a comprehensive data collection effort, taking the first deep dive into the state of the reusable packaging industry across Europe. It underlines the critical need for ongoing and enhanced data collection across the industry.

This first edition has collected and analysed the economic, environmental and social impacts of 90 reusable packaging solutions throughout Europe! The solutions surveyed operate in three sectors: takeaway, retail and e-commerce.

This first edition shares:

  • Trends in packaging types, materials, return models, and collection systems.

  • Analysis of financial incentives and their impact on return rates and retention times.

  • Overview of profitability and funding trends in the reusable packaging industry.

Presenting the findings for the first time at the Reuse and Refill Trade Fair

The results of the European Reuse Barometer have been revealed for the first time at the Refill and Reuse Trade Fair at the Parc Floral in Paris on Monday, 13th May 2024!

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Planet Reuse webinar: Reuse Barometer

Save the date for Thursday, May 23rd at 11 AM CET! You will acquire valuable insights into the current state of the reuse industry across Europe. This webinar will be moderated by Nicole Seyring, the Content and Publication Lead at Planet Reuse, featuring François Chartier-Kastler from InOff Plastic as a panelist.

Get a digital copy of the Reuse Barometer

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The Reuse Barometer has been led in partnership with New ERA, Zero Waste Europe and Planet Reuse

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To make this first edition as exhaustive and up to date as possible, InOff Plastic also partnered with local organizations working on reuse, sharing the survey to their network of reusable packaging solutions :

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InOff Plastic has benefited from the support of many more European partners which were not able, in the given timeframe of the first barometer, to obtain the necessary internal approvals for us to communicate their names in the barometer.

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