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​InOff Plastic supports companies in deplastifying their activities.

It's TIME TO DeplaStify


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As it is clear we can no longer only recycle our way out of the single-use packaging waste crisis, deplastifying its activities is now crucial for companies!

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Laws are pushing companies to reduce the number of single-use plastic products and packaging they put on the market and to ensure their packaging are recyclable.


In the face of the growing rise of material prices, by 2024, reusable packaging could be cheaper than single-use packaging (WEF, 2023).


Consumers are increasingly aware of packaging waste issues and are asking companies to improve the way they sell their products.

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InOff Plastic's team supports companies in deplastifying their activities by replacing their single-use plastic packaging and products by upstream solutions, meaning:

Reuse symbol, indicating circularity between user and waste
A symbol for bulk solutions, an alternative to single use plastic.
A symbol for alternative, sustainable, green solutions

Reusable packaging

Single-use non-plastic packaging

Selling products in bulk

Our support depends on our clients' maturity on upstream solutions. It consists of three main phases:

Explore single-use plastic stakes and opportunities

Design a plastic strategy and relevant commitments

Deploy & scale projects to reach your commitments

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