InOff Plastic supports its clients in deploying sustainable distribution channels based on reuse models or alternatives to single-use plastic packaging or products.


InOff Plastic supported a food producer in designing a reuse model for its products sold to restaurants in Bali, Indonesia.


The company and its clients - local restaurants - were not entirely satisfied with the packaging used to deliver the products, as it was not resealable, stackable and was disposable.

The company contacted InOff Plastic to provide its clients with a new experience in line with their needs while keeping the costs of this delivery similar to the current ones.


InOff Plastic's team went to Indonesia during 4 months to co-create a new distribution model with the project stakeholders (clients, production team, distributor). InOff Plastic designed the new model and managed the various stakeholders so that the company could deliver its products to restaurants in reusable containers. Once empty, the containers were collected at the next delivery and then transported to the production site to be cleaned and reused in next deliveries.


InOff Plastic’s support enabled the company to:

  • identify the type of reuse model to implement and reusable containers that met its product specifications,

  • design a pilot project and its operations in terms of transportation, cleaning, tracking & deposit scheme,

  • build the pilot project’s economic model and pre-analyse its environmental impact.


Because of the current sanitary global crisis, the implementation of the designed project by InOff Plastic is on hold until further notice.