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Zero Grocery's solution to reduce single-use plastic

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

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❌ Global municipal waste is estimated at 1.7 billion tonnes, of which 1.24 billion tonnes could actually be collected. Due to rapid urbanization, rising living standards and population growth, this volume is likely to increase by 70% to reach 3.4 billion tonnes by 2050, according to the World Bank.

❌ The amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean every year is 13 million tonnes - yet only 1% floats on the surface, while the 99% that remain flow or decompose into microparticles. Invisible to the naked eye, they become impossible to collect.

❌ On average, the cost of packaging represents 20% of the price of an agri-food product, a significant financial burden for consumers.

What can be done ?


♻️ Zero Grocery is the first plastic-free grocery delivery service in USA: groceries are all packed in reusable, home-compostable or recyclable materials.

♻️ Zero Grocery’s products are 99% single-use plastic free—with an exception made for plastic safety seals and caps. Zero Grocery is committed to helping American customers reduce their plastic waste from grocery shopping.

♻️ The brand uses a simple return scheme system : when customers are finished with their products, they just have to rinse all the jars, bottles, silicone bags (Zero and non-Zero) and leave them at their doorstep for Zero to pick them up at the next delivery.

💸 Because it buys bulk goods directly from manufacturers, Zero Grocery is able to offer wholesale prices on many products.

⚠️ Zero Grocery’s compostable paper and biobags are not suited for compost in an at-home compost. Depending on where customers live, some municipalities may not be able to compost the packaging customers use. In this case, they can send back the compostable packaging with their jars and Zero Grocery will manage its end of life.

👏 Congratulations to Zuleyka Strasner for this project !

👉🏼 For more information, you can visit Zero Grocery’s website :

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