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WEBINAR: Reusable Packaging in France

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

#Webinar #Reuse #KIDV

Many French businesses have been developing reuse models over the past few years, in order to tackle the issue of single-use packaging. What can we learn from them? How have reuse models been (re)introduced, what is the legal framework and how does the French reuse market operate? We are proud to co-host a webinar on this topic on Tuesday, April 12th at 3pm, in collaboration with KIDV. This edition will be the first in a triptych of webinars on reuse learnings from other countries and is part of the KIDV Community of Practice on Reusable Packaging. François Chartier-Kastler and Manon Sennéchael, co-founder of InOff Plastic as well as Marcel Keuenhof from KIDV will be pleased to interact with various actors committed to develop reuse models: Alister Tuck-Sherman (RE)SET, Shu Zhang (Pandobac), Nicolas d'Aprigny (Bout' à Bout'), Ludivine Delatronchette (Carrefour).

Here is the link to register to the webinar :

See you there !

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