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A refillable glass bottle system in the US.

Updated: May 16, 2022

❌The world produces around 40 billion glass spirit bottles annually, generating 22 million tons of carbon emissions.

❌ A reusable glass bottle saves 85% of greenhouse gas emissions compared to a single-use one, according to Zero Waste Europe.

🤔 What can be done ? 📉 REDUCE and REUSE. then recycle.

♻️ Conscious container is an American company that has implemented a refillable glass bottle system.

♻️ The system is simple : breweries, wineries and beverage producers buy and fill Conscious Container refillable bottles and sell them to consumers.

♻️ Conscious Container takes care of recovering used bottles, treating them, inspecting them and cleaning them to be put back on the market.

👏 Congratulations to Caren McNamara for this great initiative !

👉🏼 For more information, you can check Conscious Containers’ website :

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