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Reuse pilots with Système U in France

Système U contacted InOff Plastic to provide its clients with an experience that meets their demand of reusable packaging and ultra local products as well as the company’s commitments, while proving the logistical, economical and environmental viability of reuse systems.

InOff Plastic supported two U stores in setting up reuse pilots on some of its local cider, beer and wine references in Bretagne, France.

Communication materials deployed in a rural hypermarket store.

Over a two-month period, InOff Plastic’s team managed and co-created the pilots with all the project’s stakeholders – the two stores and their dedicated managers, the beer, cider and wine producers, and the logistical operator.

We designed and launched the pilots to enable consumers to bring back the empty bottles of partnering producers’ products in the stores. The bottles were then collected, cleaned and delivered back to producers for reuse.

InOff Plastic’s support enabled the retailer to:

  • identify the types of reuse models to set up and the partners with whom to collaborate in terms of transportation and cleaning,

  • embark local producers of beer, cider and wine in the project and ensure the compatibility of their bottles and labels for reuse,

  • design two viable pilot projects for each of the stores and their specifications in terms of reverse logistics, deposit scheme system and marketing,

  • define all key marketing messages and visuals to communicate in the stores for consumers to understand and participate to the project.

Communication materials deployed in a central district store.


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