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pfandbrand is the first German spirits producer using deposit bottles for spirits

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

#Beverages #Spirits #Reuse #Deposit

According to this study published on 9 September in Nature Group’s “Microplastics and Nanoplastics” journal, there are 24.4 billion microplastic particles, ranging in size from 1 to 5 millimeters, suspended in the world’s seas - which is five times more than previous estimates.

One million bottles purchased every minute

Water, soda, fruit juice... Worldwide, in 2017, nearly one million plastic bottles were purchased every minute, according to a Guardian survey. And other studies have shown this figure has increased even further since then. While most bottles are made of PET (ethylene polyterephthalate), a highly recyclable material, high recycling rates are difficult to maintain. Indeed, despite efforts in this area, it is estimated that less than half of plastic bottles are collected worldwide, and only about 7% are transformed into new bottles.

🤔 So, What can be done? - RETHINK AND ACT.

🔄 pfandbrand is the first German spirits producer using deposit bottles for spirits (here GIN and VODKA), in the mass market. Empty bottles can be put into each "Pfandautomaten" - automatic deposit dispensers - all over Germany and then cleaned by pooling system providers in order to be reused, on the model of Fritz Kola and other famous brands.

🧠 In order to design its system, pfandbrand conducted research to understand why no other spirits producer has implemented a systematic deposit system to date: additional logistics efforts, higher costs, no deposit obligation for bottles containing drinks with an alcohol content of at least 15%, difficulty to get products into the deposit cycle, the very high number of company-owned bottles required, the constraints of bottle design to fit the scheme …etc.

🔨 Building on these learnings, pfandbrand decided to design bottles which can be part of the national deposit system in Germany - on the model of the Fritz Kola bottles.

🏆 What else? pfandbrand deliberately refrains from shipping single bottles - the minimum for online purchases is 6-bottle packs - saving CO2 emissions from transport. Moreover, the spirits it sells are made from organically-grown raw materials!

👏 Congratulations to pfandbrand's team for this great initiative !

👉🏼 For more information, visit Pfandbrand’s website : Pfandbrand And also on Instagram : @pfandbrand

#Beverages #Spirits #ReturnOnTheGo #Reduce #Reuse #Rethink #Act

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