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Created in 2013, Notpla has developed a core product called Ooho. It is made out of seaweed, entirely edible and biodegradable. The process takes a quantity of liquid to be packaged (20 to 150 mL) and freezes it into a ball. The machine then dips it into a gooey calcium chloride solution which comes from the seaweed extract. The longer this frozen ball is sunk into the solution, the thicker and the stronger the packaging gets.

In two years, they have raised just over £2m in funding and generated a modest income from trials they have launched commercially in 2019. Notpla’s current market is instant consumption and the firm is present in various events, festivals and takeaways.

Notpla’s activity is currently limited by the short shelf life of its membrane as it starts to shrivel after a few days and its fragility compared to plastic. Therefore, the liquids must be consumed soon after purchase and this weakness leads Notpla to develop machines that can manufacture the packaging close to the purchase point.

Check out their website to stay updated on their future products !

Notpla's edible water drop, Ooho


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