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Citeo is gradually addressing the issue of standardization of reusable packaging.

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

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What are the benefits of using #standardized reusable packaging?

1) Regrouping packaging in order to optimize the reverse logistics, e.g. collection, sorting and cleaning processes.

2)Creating a rich territorial network and improving the environmental impact of packaging.

3)Facilitating access for all marketers to a range of packaging suitable for reuse, even those who do not have the resources to develop them.

4)Making reuse easier for consumers.

A #collaborative approach led by Citeo :

Citeo launched a consultation in Spring 2021 with concerned actors, in order to define a roadmap and standardized packaging ranges for reuse. This approach was intended to identify the appropriate packaging types, define the adequate operational processes and assess the feasibility of these ranges. The approach was collaborative and involved different stakeholders, building on feedback from industry actors to propose ranges adapted to their needs.

Key underlying aspects of CITEO’s approach:

1) Ensuring packaging meets a need that exists among marketers and distributors because it is not mandatory.

2)An approach focused solely on packaging, integrating constraints on future reuse models.

3)Integrating packaging into a broader operational plan for #reuse , which is neither homogenized nor massified in 2021 in France.

4) Promoting differentiated approaches depending on maturity and existing solutions on the market.

5) Outlining hypotheses to be tested to define the roadmap for each product segment and future experiments to be conducted.

6)Involving key stakeholders including suppliers and reuse operators.

7) Facilitating the process so the actors adopt the standards, not decision-making.

Going forward:

Citeo’s project is a key first step in the development of standardized packaging ranges - but more work is yet to come! For instance, tests will be carried out to assess essential properties, such as physical integrity, functionality and design. Organizational issues are also being explored to determine the model for implementing standard packaging at the national level.

To check to full report, check this link : Vers des emballages standards pour répondre aux défis du réemploi | CITEO

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