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Re-Use Lab by Verallia

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

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On Thursday, March 17th, InOff Plastic was delighted to attend the first edition of the “Re-Use Lab” online. This forum highlighted the issues and latest trends on the reuse of glass. Various brilliant interventions and two round tables highlighted the main current stakes when it comes to reuse:

1) Build #viable reuse models that meet modern industrial requirements. The priority of the actors present at the forum is clear: responding to the needs of consumers while trying to gradually and carefully guide their purchasing behavior towards reuse. Virginie Helias, Director of Sustainable Development at Procter & Gamble encourages brands to innovate on reuse, to provide customers with a more delightful experience versus the single use offering. According to her, this is the surest path for reuse to become mainstream. “We must seek to make reuse irresistible for the consumer”, says Virginie Helias.

2) Create #synergies between different reuse models. Initiatives such as this Re-Use Lab are an important first step, as they emphasize the value of continuous exchanges between countries and organizations that have already set up pilot projects.

3) Anticipate and build #legislation that will provide a framework for reuse practices. This legislative framework could encourage standardization of packaging design or introduce quotas of reusable packaging (the European Commission wants to reach 10% of reusable packaging by 2030). We must ensure that actors participate in co-creating this legislative framework rather than suffering the consequences in the medium term

This forum provided #hope for the growth of reuse in the coming years. It has also put in perspective the extremely complex challenges that must be met and that require a common investment on various scales, like many other environmental challenges. Speakers aligned on the fact that the question is not whether we should do reuse or not, but rather when we will do it and how it will be set up. Finally, we want to congratulate the many public and private actors who have embarked on reuse during the last years. It is thanks to their sincere commitment that reuse models have gained consumer confidence, forcing the world’s largest industrial groups to take a closer look at them.

Thank you to Verallia for this forum, and also thank you to all the other speakers for sharing their expertise :

Andrew M. : Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Björn Knoop : fritz-kola

Adeline Farrelly : FEVE – the European Container Glass Federation

Emily Lin (McKenzie) : Diageo

Scarlette Elizée : Carrefour

Gonzague Gru : Uzaje

Sophie Nguyen Buu Cuong : Citeo

Tom Szaky : Loop

Tobias Bielenstein : Genossenschaft Deutscher Brunnen eG (GDB)

Michel Giannuzzi : Verallia

Monday News 21_03_2022 - Reuse Lab
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