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La Crème Libre, the first range of rechargeable and natural skincare products made in France

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

#Cosmetics #Refillathome

❌ 75,000 tonnes of cosmetic and hygiene packaging are thrown in the garbage each year according to an Ipsos study commissioned by Eco-Emballages.

❌The supply and manufacture of these products takes place mainly abroad, thus they have to travel thousands of kilometers before arriving in our stores.

❌ On average, the cost of packaging represents 50% of the factory price of a cosmetic product, thus representing a significant financial burden for consumers.

❌ Finally, packaging for cosmetic products is very rarely mono-material and is made from alloys of materials that are difficult to recycle (especially plastics).

🤔 What can be done? #Reduce , #Reuse , #Replace

♻️ La Crème Libre has launched the first range of rechargeable, natural (100%), skincare products made in France.

♻️ This skincare range is sold in a reusable concrete jar, purchased once and reusable to infinity. Customers then only buy cosmetic refills whose packaging is made of mono-material recyclable plastic.

♻️ This charging system and the optimization of the size of the packaging, allows La Crème Libre to limit by 90% single-use waste.

👏 Congratulations to LA CRÈME LIBRE and Veronica Susman for this common sense initiative.

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