Jean Bouteille

Lille, France |

Jean Bouteille is a French social enterprise created in 2012 to foster responsible consumption as well as inclusive employment. It provides zero waste solutions for the soft drinks industry and employs people that have been excluded from work for a long time.

The firm sells fountains to groceries and supermarkets where oil, vinegar, juices, wine as well as detergent is sold in bulk. Consumers obtain the desired liquid and quantity in a returnable bottle and they will get their deposit back as they return the bottle to the shop. The used bottles are cleaned by a specialized local social enterprise and are then ready for another usage. This "Reuse" model avoids the costly current recycling process which consists of destroying a glass bottle to pieces and use those components to build it again.

Please find more information on Jean Bouteille's website.

With the fountains customers opt for durable packaging while choosing the quantity they desire


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