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Foodchéri delivers meals in returnable packaging

About 29% of greenhouse gas emissions come from packaging

❌ In 2018, 2025 million takeout containers hit the European Union.

🤔 What can be done ? REDUCE, REUSE, and then recycle.

♻️Foodchéri delivers eco-responsible products or dishes for individuals and businesses. The company is committed to providing environmentally and animal friendly products, and distributing them in 100% eco-friendly packaging. It is the first company to launch the Eco-Score.

📍 Meals are cooked in the Paris area and delivered in returnable packaging, which the company collects afterwards.

💸 Dishes that are not eaten are sold at reduced prices through their partners (such as Too Good To Go).

👉🏼 For more information, visit FoodChéri’s website :

👏 Congratulations to Jérôme Lemouchoux and everyone involved in Foodchéri for this great initiative

#FoodDelivery #ReturnFromHome

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