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Evo & Co aims at creating a world without plastic pollution. It heads three brands Evoware, Evoworld and Rethink which provide innovative solutions to replace single-use plastics and create collaborative plastic awareness movement.

Evo & Co heads three brands to strenghten its action against plastic pollution

Evoware provides biodegrable plastic-free alternatives made of seaweed while supporting indonesian seaweed farmers. Ello Jello, the brand’s first product, is an edible cup that serves as an alternative to plastic cups. After its use, it will biodegrade naturally while adding nutrients into compost/soil.

Evoworld is fighting single-use plastic consumption by commercializing a wide range of alternatives to single use plastics: rice straws, sugarcane food boxes as well as wooden/bamboo cultery.

Evoworld provides a wide range of edible products

Rethink is a collaborative campaign initiated by Evo & Co. and Campaign.com. Rethink is targeting people to evaluate their habits in terms of their consumption and ask them to live more sustainably. Rethink is trying to get one million people to reduce their plastic consumption by sustainbable alternatives by the end of the year.

For more information please check Evo & Co's website.


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