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Endro Cosmetics sells healthy cosmetics in reusable containers

#Cosmetics #ReturnOnTheGo

❌ The beauty industry generates more than 120 billion units of packaging every year

❌Most personal care and beauty products end up in landfills, and their microplastic particles are clogging up our oceans (14 million tons), our drinking water and our food supply.

🤔 What can be done ? 📉 REDUCE and REUSE. then recycle.

🧼 Endro Cosmetics sells eco-friendly and healthy cosmetics such as solid shampoos or toothpaste.

🔄 The brand has recently introduced a deposit system : all products are sold in glass jars that the customer can choose to drop off at collection points, or recycle. Some partners charge a deposit fee, but it is refunded when the consumer brings back the jar.

🔨 Endro Cosmétiques is committed to promoting urban employment and helping to integrate people with disabilities into the labor market.

👏 Congratulations to Marion Le Goucher and Boris Le Goffic on this great project !

👉🏼 For more information, visit Endro Cosmétiques’ website :

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