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Bocoloco delivers organic, local and bulk products.

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❌ 8 million tonnes of plastic are used for food and drink packaging in Europe.

❌ 300 million tons plastic are produced each year worldwide, half of which is for single-use packaging items.

❌According to the UN Environment Programme, the ocean will contain more plastic than fish by 2050.

🤔 What can be done? 📉 REDUCE and REUSE. then recycle.

♻️ Launched in July 2020, Bocoloco delivers organic, local and bulk products. It is the first zero-waste connected store in the Paris region. Thanks to connected logged jars and a dedicated mobile app, Bocoloco offers convenience to its consumers and a unique service.

♻️ The returnable jars have a flash code enabling consumers to have information on the product expiry date - alerting them on its approach, nutritional profile, recipe ideas and complete product traceability.

♻️ 90% of Bocoloco products are certified organic, and 80% of food products are sold without any single-use packaging while the remaining 20% are sold in packaging made of recyclable materials.

👏 Congratulations to Florent and Alexis Dusanter for this great initiative !

👉🏼 For more information, visit Bocoloco’s website :

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