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Aquamenities offers the first and only tamper-resistant dispenser for luxury hotels.

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

#Cosmetics #RefillAtHome #Dispenser

🧴 A reported 120 billion units of #packaging are produced every year worldwide in the #cosmetics industry.

💄 Product residue and the complex nature of cosmetic packaging mean that cosmetic products are difficult to recycle through normal processes. Most of it ends up in #landfills.

🤔 What can be done?

♻️ The beauty and cosmetics industry has an opportunity to reduce its plastic footprint by introducing refillable and reusable packaging alternatives, or “going naked” with their products.

❌ But luxury brands have been reluctant to adopt such alternatives so far…

🙌 This is where California-based #Aquamenities comes in - it offers the first and only tamper-resistant #dispenser designed to provide 4 and 5-star luxury properties with amenity products.

Where exactly? The fixtures can be found for instance in luxury hotels, casinos, resorts, restaurants, airlines and theme parks all around the world!

🧐 What are the impacts generated by Aquamenities?

👉🏼 Aquamenities has over 450,000 product fixtures in use around the world.

👉🏼 In one year, one 3-bottle amenity dispenser will remove approximately:

1,000 plastic bottles;

5 gallons of partially used product from landfill!

A big up to @Ken Haworth, Founder and CEO of Aquamenities, for tackling this huge packaging waste issue!

👉🏼 For more information, visit Aquamenities’ website:

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