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A French draft decree worries companies involved in the ecosystem of bulk sales.

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The Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (under the jurisdiction of the French Ministry of Economy), is planning to ban the bulk and self-service sale of ALL detergent products. Banning bulk and self-service sales on all of this category of products would directly undermine the development of the bulk sector and would therefore indirectly harm the fight undertaken by citizens to reduce the amount of household waste.

Simply banning the bulk and self-service sale of all detergent products, regardless of their dangerousness, is tantamount to burying this offer, which is nevertheless popular with consumers. (According to Réseau Vrac, the bulk market experienced a strong development rather suddenly, and represented 1.3 billion euros of turnover in 2021).

In addition, the current health crisis has a very strong economic impact on our sector. Bulk specialty stores have lost about 30% of their attendance over the past six months. Most are newly installed shops that have little cash flow. If the context does not change, 40% of bulk shops think they will have to close within the next six months and 21% of suppliers envisage a risk of default within the next twelve months (according to a study by the professional association Réseau Vrac).

This draft decree will have the effect of blocking millions of people in their path in a more virtuous consumption.

A petition is available to oppose the draft decree that worries all stakeholders involved in the ecosystem of bulk sales :

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