InOff Plastic accelerates the emergence of sustainable distribution models.


The main distribution model today are linear : production – distribution – waste generation. Whether the single-use packaging used is made of plastic or glass, this leads to rapid resource depletion, high waste volumes and intense pollution all over the world. It has proved unsustainable when it comes to a social and environmental standpoint.

Plastic packaging account for nearly half of all plastic waste globally and most of them are thrown away just a few minutes after their first use. As its end-of-life is poorly managed, around 79% of all plastic ever produced has ended up in landfills or in the nature.

Compared to plastic packaging, glass packaging is 100% recyclable but its recycling is energy intensive as it requires melting the glass at around 1 500°C. This process can be avoided when the glass packaging is reused.

More sustainable distribution models can be developed by shifting from relying on single-use packaging to reusable ones or by adopting single-use packaging that are not made of plastic. The economical and environmental soundness of both approaches depends on the type of product sold, its quality requirements and the distance the packaging has to travel.


In 2016, we met entrepreneurs in Java, Indonesia, who launched businesses that have positive environmental and social impact, either by raising awareness on plastic waste, collecting it, sorting it out or offering ways of selling products based on refillable and reusable packaging.

  • most countries, particularly developing ones, lack the proper infrastructures to manage waste when it comes to collection, sorting and recycling,

  • even if a single-use plastic packaging or item is recycled, it is downgraded once or twice in a lower value product before ending up in landfills. Worldwide, only 2 % of plastic packaging is recycled in a closed loop system (bottle-to-bottle).

Since then, we have realised that relying only on single-use plastic packaging is not a circular way to sell products as it relies on recycling and:​​

To support firms in designing and implementing sustainable distribution models, InOff Plastic capitalises on its global network of 1 100+ innovative solutions that provide reuse & refill solutions or alternatives to single-use plastic packaging. 


Passionate about leading firms to adapt to their business, environmental and social environment, we have created InOff Plastic in 2019 to accompany firms in developing sustainable distribution models.

Manon Sennechael

Co-founder & President

François Chartier-Kastler

Co-founder & Managing Director

Past experiences and education:


Paris, France 

CSR Consultant, PwC 


Innovation Consultant, Innovation is Everywhere

Brussels, Belgium 

Call for Tender Junior, Suez

Washington, USA 

Private Sector and Competitiveness Consultant,
The World Bank Group 

Lille, France

Master in Management (MiM), EDHEC Business School

Paris, France 

ESG Analyst, Malakoff Humanis Gestion d'Actifs


Business Analyst, Mariott Vacation Club

Sydney, Australia

Business Analyst, Veolia Water

Hong Kong 

Business Development Assistant, The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Lille, France

Master in Management (MiM), EDHEC Business School



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