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InOff Plastic supports companies in improving the environmental impact of their packaging

  • Do you want your packaging to meet your consumers’ demands, especially in terms of avoiding the use of single-use plastic or reducing greenhouse gas emissions?

  • Do you want to meet your company’s commitments and position your company as a pioneer in the fight against plastic waste or in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions?

  • Do you want to comply with plastic ban regulations (e.g. with the French AGEC law, single-use plastic packaging will be forbidden in 2040 in France and companies should reduce by 10% their use of single-use plastic packaging by 2025)?

Many food & beverage, cosmetics producers, as well as retail and hospitality companies want to improve the environmental impact of their packaging by reducing:

  • the carbon emissions of their single-use glass packaging,

  • the plastic footprint of their single-use packaging.

Since 2016, we search worldwide, identify, meet and exchange with providers of:

  • reuse & refill distribution models and reusable packaging,

  • single-use plastic-free packaging,

We gather more than 1 600 companies that best meet the needs of our clients in a database that we enrich daily. Below is an extract of some of those companies:






Test & Collect feedback

We support our clients in selecting new viable distribution chain or consumer experience by identifying inspiring products and packaging solutions from our database.

We then support our clients in designing the new distribution chain or consumer experience that they have selected, by analyzing:

  • the economic and environmental viability of new distribution models,

  • the companies with whom our clients can collaborate and the outlines of the collaborations to set up: packaging suppliers, cleaning facilities, transportation, etc.

Finally, we support our clients in deploying the new distribution models or consumer experience in given business segments and geographies. This support can include setting up a dedicated communication toolkit and workshops, collecting consumers and employees’ feedback, providing on site-support, etc.

Since its creation 3 years ago, InOff Plastic has enabled its clients in Europe, in Southeast Asia and in the United States of America to improve the environmental impact of their packaging and distribution model.


Book an appointment with us if you want to improve your packaging environmental impact!

Check how InOff Plastic supported the InterContinental Marseille - Hotel Dieu to replace 18 of its single-use plastic products and packaging (e.g. water bottles, amenities, sugar, tea and hot chocolate sachets) with alternatives that are viable from an economic and environmental perspective.

InterContinental Marseille - Hotel Dieu.jpeg
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